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Labor Day Weekend Activities at Edgewater Beach & Golf Resort

Join the fun!

This weekend come make a splash with some great activities for the whole family at Edgewater!


Adventure Zone!

The following activities will take place on the Lagoon Pool Deck at Edgewater Beach & Gold Resort over Labor Day weekend:

1. The Splash Pad will be open from 9am-6pm and will be complementary to all guests staying at Edgewater!

2. The Ropes Course will be open Friday August 29th, Saturday August 30th, and Sunday August 31st from 2pm-6pm. Guests and owners of Resort Collection get free entry. Admission for guests not renting through Resort Collection is $5.00 per person daily for the ropes course!



Live Music!

Jam this Labor Day Weekend with acoustic sessions from some of the Pepsi Gulf Coast Jam “Southern Original” Battle of the Bands winners at the Lagoon Pool Deck at Edgewater Beach & Golf Resort!

Saturday August 30th 11:00am to 2:00pm

Sunday August 31st 11:00am to 2:00pm

Playing it Safe at the Beach: Riptides 101



Riptides are the leading surf hazard for all beachgoers and can form along any coastline with breaking waves, even the Great Lakes. Even the strongest swimmer can get swept out to sea, especially when he or she doesn’t know what to do if the situation arises. Drownings from riptides typically occur when swimmers are unable to stay afloat and swim to shore due to any combination of fear, panic, exhaustion, or lack of swimming skills. We at Resort Collection want to raise your awareness and inform you on how to handle the situation if you or someone else happens to encounter a riptide during your stay. We urge you to take the time to familiarize yourself with these life saving tips whenever you’re Goin’ to the Beach!

Riptides Alert:

Riptides are commonly found near sandbars, jetties and piers, so keep an eye out. A common misconception is that rip currents pull you underwater—they actually pull you away from shore.

Rip Current Clues:

• a channel of churning, choppy water
• darker color surf, indicating deeper water
• murky brown water caused by sand stirred up on the bottom
• a line of foam, seaweed, or debris moving steadily seaward
• a break in the incoming wave pattern with waves breaking out to sea on both sides of rip current
• smaller unorganized waves, alongside more evenly breaking waves over a sand bar

How to Avoid & Survive Rip Currents:

1. Don’t panic and fight the current. Swim out of the current in a direction following the shoreline. When out of the current, swim towards shore.

2.   If you are unable to swim out of the rip current, float or calmly tread water. When out of the current, swim towards

3. If you are still unable to reach shore, draw attention to yourself:  face the shore, wave your arms, and yell for help.

What to Do If You See Someone Else Caught In a Rip Current

1. If available, notify a lifeguard or have someone call 911 with accurate landmark.

2. Do Not Enter the Water. Many people drown trying to save someone else from a riptide current.

3. Throw them a flotation device.

4. Try not to lose sight of the victim.

Of course, the best way to avoid a rip current is to know the surf conditions before entering the water and memorize the flag alert system.

To download a PDF of the flag alert system and to sign up for text alert messages when the flags change, log on Remember to always play it safe when you’re Goin’ to the Beach—and we hope to see you soon!

Play it Safe at the Beach: Decoding the Flag System

We know you can’t wait to plunge in our beautiful Gulf waters, but before you do, be sure you’re familiar with our Beach Flag Alert System because on occasion the ocean isn’t safe to swim. When those times arise, we at Resort Collection want you and your loved ones to be safe, sound and informed!

In Panama City Beach color-coded beach flags are in place to keep the public aware of sea conditions at all times.  If you take the time now to learn these life saving tips, you could avoid a potentially tragic situation in the future.  After all, we want you to keep returning time and time again with nothing but wonderful memories of the World’s Most Beautiful Beaches!

Understanding Beach Flag Alerts:

  • Double Red Flag:               Dangerous water conditions (water closed to public)
  • Red Flag                            High Hazard (high surf and/or strong currents, such as riptides*)
  • Yellow Flag                       Medium Hazard (moderate surf and/or currents)
  • Green Flag:                         Low Hazard (calm conditions, exercise caution)
  • Purple Flag:                        Marine Pests Present (jellyfish, stingrays, dangerous fish)


Always remember, double red means STAY OUT OF THE WATER— you could be arrested for ignoring this warning!        

To download a PDF of the flag alert system and to sign up for text alert messages when the flags change,  log on to

We at Resort Collection want you to stay aware and have fun goin’ to the beach!

Come join us at the 9th Annual Girls, Inc. Princess Ball!

A Father Daughter Dance Benefiting Girls Inc. of Bay County


WHO: Princesses Up to Age 12 and their fathers

WHEN: August 23, 2014 from 4:00-7:00 pm

WHERE: Majestic Beach Resort Ballroom 

10901 Front Beach Road, Panama City Beach

DRESS: Dressy, No Denim

RSVP: Required, Call (850) 747-3600

$10 Suggested Donation Benefiting Girls Inc. of Bay County

Come and join all the princesses and their dads for dancing, refreshments, and your very own tiara! All girls up to age 12 and their dads are welcome to come and make every girl feel like a princess. Join us on August 23, 2014 at the Majestic Beach Resort Ballroom located at 10901 Front Beach Road in Panama City Beach. Call (850) 747-3600 to RSVP. Hope to see you there and don’t forget your ball gowns!

PCB Celebrates July 4 with the Star Spangled Spectacular!

World-famous Panama City Beach is as American as hotdogs and apple pie—or perhaps key lime pie in our little slice of paradise. Ranking high among locals and visitors alike is a great party, and boy does Pier Park know how to throw a spectacular one for the Fourth of July!

Thursday, July 3 – Free Jazz Concert

Kick off your holiday weekend on Thursday, July 3, and enjoy a free concert with the Air National Guard Band of the South from 7:00–9:00 pm at Pier Park’s Aaron Bessant Park Amphitheater. The entire family—even your furry, four-legged ones (on leashes)—are invited to enjoy a night of dazzling live jazz under the stars! Pack your lawn chairs, picnic baskets, and coolers, and get the party started!

Friday, July 4 – Star-Spangled Spectacular Celebration

The next morning, Pier Park kicks off America’s best birthday bash with all sorts of family fun events that continue through the spectacular 4th of July fireworks display that night. Below are the highlights:

Resort Collection

8:00 am: The Color Run 5K – Known as the Happiest 5K on the planet, this unique paint race at Pier Park celebrates health, happiness, and individuality and features various color stations throughout the race. Start off wearing white and by the end of the race, you’ll be head-to-toe covered in happy rainbow colors. The start line is its own pre-race party with music, dancing, warm-up stretching, and giveaways! Entry-fees: Individuals $40; 4-member team $35 per person. For more information visit

11:00 am–5:00 pm: Block Party at Pier Park – Join the neighborhood-style street party for children’s activities, tasty food and drinks from sidewalk vendors and local shops, plus plenty of great shopping. There’s even a wing eating contest sponsored by Buffalo Wild Wings! Admission is free.

7:00–9:00 pm: Free Patriotic Music Concert – The Air National Guard Band of the South returns to Aaron Bessant Park Amphitheater for a patriotic musical tribute. Lawn chairs, picnic baskets, coolers, and leashed pets are welcome.

9:00 pm: Spectacular Fireworks Finale – The band continues performing during the largest fireworks display along the Gulf Coast, as well as simultaneous fireworks shows erupting from the nearby City Pier and the County Pier three miles east.

For more information about Pier Park’s Fourth of July events, call Pier Park at (850) 236-9974 or check out