Destimetrics: Measuring Ourselves Versus The Destination

In 2016, the Panama City Beach Convention and Visitors Bureau began its partnership with DestiMetrics. Participation is optional but many vacation rental management companies in the area have opted into the program. DestiMetrics offers an analysis of rate and occupancy performance for the preceding month, the preceding six months, and a forward-looking view of their performance and upcoming visitation to empower data-driven decisions on marketing spend, rate, and staff, which compares Resort Collection to the destination’s condo and hotel market. You will be pleased to know that despite turbulent market conditions for June and July 2017, Resort Collection outperformed the destination. This is also the only time Resort Collection has run 90% occupancy in both June and July – an unprecedented feat for any management company to accomplish.* Through DestiMetrics, we learn: RESERVATION ACTIVITY OUTLOOK Gauge occupancy, ADR, and RevPAR for the last and upcoming six months. DAILY OCCUPANCY The E.K.G. for the destination’s upcoming visitation and demand. MULTI-DESTINATION COMPARISONS See how the destination is performing relative to other areas.  PROPERTY COMPARATIVE REPORTS See Resort Collection’s performance side-by-side with other properties in your destination. GUEST PROFILER See a snapshot of Resort Collection’s guests and their demographics and behavior. EXPERT ANALYSIS Regular insight from DestiMetrics experts on the trends we need to know about.   *Resort Collection ran 90% occupancy in both June and July when owner stays and group/promotional comps were incorporated. Destimetrics excludes this data.