Reserving Your Beach Chair & Umbrella Has Never Been Easier!

Goin’ to the Beach! Beach Service began operations on March 1, 2017, behind Edgewater Beach & Golf Resort. They manage 165 beach chair lounger sets. The purpose of Resort Collection bringing them in-house was to keep our rental owners satisfied with the retention of happy guests. They found that including this benefit on property left guests having a better experience by not having to carry multiple chairs, umbrellas, or more down to the sandy beach. Due to the large success of the operations at Edgewater, Goin’ to the Beach! Beach Service was approached and approved to allow their services at St. Andrew’s State Park and a portion of Shell Island. This partnership will include 150 beach chair sets. Another unique aspect is that reserving your chair set has never been easier! Thanks to the Beachy® management system, customers can easily reserve their sets before ever setting foot on the beach.
You can look forward to being able to conveniently reserve your beach chair set at St. Andrew’s State Park in early 2018. For pricing and more information, click here.