Everyone trusts their friends more than ads…and we agree!

The stories that people tell each other are far more convincing, easier to relate to, personable and trustworthy than any story told through an advertisement. That is why Resort Collection has made the decision to move forward with a new user generate content (UGC) advocacy platform, Flip.to. Our guests have incredible stories to tell, so why not utilize them? A single person is connected to hundreds of friends and family all across the world. One person’s vacation story can travel further to a like-minded demographic than ever before, creating an ever-growing team of storytellers. Flip.to is designed to make our guests’ stories an integral part of our story. We will turn our guests into advocates and create a huge impact on brand exposure and our bottom line. Here’s how it works… Flip.to Right after a guest confirms their reservation through our new booking engine, they can share the news of their upcoming trip on social media, along with a mention of Resort Collection. Just that simple share along can turn our guest into a brand advocate. Then, friends and family that visit our website from that shared message are greeted with a distinct, unique experience that is designed to convert them from curious on-lookers to future guests. This experience will include greeting them by mention of their friend’s name, an exclusive offer to book their stay, and the option to sign up for the offer through Facebook or email. Already there is a new potential consumer that wasn’t aware of booking a vacation through Resort Collection by this simple share.

Guest Contests

Every stay leads to a richer story to tell. With Flip.to we can create beautiful, perpetual photo contests that turn our guests’ memorable moments into highly engaging interactions with friends, family and our brand! Once entered into the contest they will receive periodic emails updating then with the current standings of a contest (i.e. what place they are currently in). This then causes them to be actively engaged as the contest proceeds, extending the time they spend with us. Also, rekindling their favorite moment from their vacation is a far better way to keep in touch.

Benefits in a Nutshell

  • Massive Reach – Guests have it more so than any ad and their stories will be shared to an audience that cares.
  • Gradual Engagement – We can deliver a unique experience to each one of our guests’ social connections and take them down a path from strong initial brand connection to future guest.
  • Measurable ROI – Everything is trackable, right down to the booked room nights earned by each individual.
  • Meaningful Moments – We can capture everything from poetic sunsets to silly family selfies.
  • Visual Library – A constantly refreshed library of usable, curated content from a stream of seasonal, authentic photos and personal quotes will be available.
  • Amplified Marketing – Capabilities to feed our existing marketing campaigns with new brand stories and compelling images.