Big improvements are coming to Resort Collection’s booking engine in 2018, and we couldn’t be more excited!

We are always looking for the best and most innovative advances with technology in the travel industry. We want to make our booking engine and website as user-friendly as possible for our consumers. Our new platform will not only boost your online business, but it will also help drive more revenue to you, our owners, and increase occupancy without having to rely on a 3rd party. The guest experience is everything in the hospitality industry. Understanding your customer’s needs is key to your success. Our new platform will be capable of handling email confirmations, pre-arrival messages, and post-stay surveys with tailored messaging to help increase our brand loyalty. We will also be able to track your website users the entire way through their shopping and booking process. These features are essential in maintaining consumer satisfaction throughout their vacation booking journey. Another benefit included is the ability to streamline your check-in process with a customized mobile app. Resort Collection’s use of the app will increase your guest engagement and customer retention through features like:
  • modifying purchases
  • room selection
  • special requests
  • customized alerts
Finally, we will also be able to tie-in a social media aspect. By integrating a content-sharing marketing tool, guests will be more compelled to share their vacation photos and experiences with the world. This will allow us to capture, curate, and distribute their content effortlessly, while controlling how we are viewed by social media consumers.

Owner’s Portal

Our new platform also includes a brand-new owner’s portal. This user-friendly portal will feature new options and capabilities, helping you navigate and find the information you need with ease. Since the new platform fully integrates with our property management software, the owner’s portal will allow you to secure owner reservations and guest referrals painlessly. Booking Engine Resort Collection’s sole focus is to build and bring more value to you and your guests. We look forward to the relationships we continue to build with our customers and the improvement this is bringing to your resort.