2018 Travlers’ Choice Awards Say PCB #11 in United States

Edgewater Beach Resort
Panama City Beach has long been known for its powder-white beaches, emerald green waters and a down-home yet exciting atmosphere. So it comes as no surprise to be voted as a 2018 Travelers Choice Award Top 25 Beach in the United States. Ranking at #11, Panama City Beach brings vacationers of all ages to enjoy the warm Gulf waters, vibrant nightlife, quirky attractions, and year-round concerts and events.
Beach communities always seem to form cultures all their own, but whether it’s along the rocky California coast, the classic Hamptons shoreline, or the sunny Florida panhandle, there is a style that evolves from the environment. For decades, vacationers from the Southeast and beyond have flocked to Panama City Beach each summer to enjoy the sun-soaked beaches, abundant fresh seafood, and family-friendly activities. Florida dominated the Top 25 Best Beaches in the United States list in 2018. While more south Florida beaches ranked in the top 10, Panama City Beach was the highest ranked from the Florida panhandle. We might be a little biased but we still firmly believe we live on the World’s Most Beautiful Beaches!

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