Play it Safe at the Beach: Decoding the Flag System

Blog » Play it Safe at the Beach: Decoding the Flag System

We know you can’t wait to plunge in our beautiful Gulf waters, but before you do, be sure you’re familiar with our Beach Flag Alert System because on occasion the ocean isn’t safe to swim. When those times arise, we at Resort Collection want you and your loved ones to be safe, sound and informed!
In Panama City Beach color-coded beach flags are in place to keep the public aware of sea conditions at all times.  If you take the time now to learn these life saving tips, you could avoid a potentially tragic situation in the future.  After all, we want you to keep returning time and time again with nothing but wonderful memories of the World’s Most Beautiful Beaches!

Understanding Beach Flag Alerts:

  • Double Red Flag:               Dangerous water conditions (water closed to public)
  • Red Flag                            High Hazard (high surf and/or strong currents, such as riptides*)
  • Yellow Flag                       Medium Hazard (moderate surf and/or currents)
  • Green Flag:                         Low Hazard (calm conditions, exercise caution)
  • Purple Flag:                        Marine Pests Present (jellyfish, stingrays, dangerous fish)

Always remember, double red means STAY OUT OF THE WATER— you could be arrested for ignoring this warning!        
To download a PDF of the flag alert system and to sign up for text alert messages when the flags change,  log on to
We at Resort Collection want you to stay aware and have fun goin’ to the beach!