Check out our new programs Cheercation and Sportscation to raise funds for your cheerleading squad or sports team. The pay-out period for Cheercation just ended, which allotted more than $1,200 to participating cheer squads across the country! The new affinity program was created to allow cheerleading squads the opportunity to raise money while vacationing. The program is free to join. Cheer squads simply sign up to participate and receive a promotional code to use when members of the squad and their friends or families vacation at a Resort Collection property. Every quarter, 5% of total room revenues accrued under that booking code will be given to the cheer squad. In a similar vein, The Resort Collection also initiated Sportscation. This program operates in much the same way as Cheercation, but sports teams, dance groups and related clubs are the beneficiaries of the program.