Chances are you have…on trucks, billboards, and more!

The boy (we call him Goggles) is the face of our 2018 marketing campaign and is already turning heads—in a very good way. His bright smile and colorful, orange goggles give the perfect picture of what it’s like to go to the beach. Look for him locally driving around Panama City Beach on the side of one of our box trucks, or see his smile all through Alabama on one of our many billboards.  Have you seen this child have you seen this child When searching for photography that creatively grabs attention and curiously piques interest, his up-close-and-personal image portrayed exactly what we were looking for—pure joy and excitement at the beach.  He will also be featured in digital banners, social media advertising, and on the Resort Collection’s website. We’re thrilled to create the next chapter for our great brand and hope to emulate our mission of  building lifelong customers by creating lifelong memories.
“If you see me, take a picture and send to RC!” – Goggles