Stay safe. Know the beach flags.

When swimming in the Gulf of Mexico, safety should be your top priority. In Panama City Beach color-coded beach flags are in place to keep the public aware of sea conditions at all times. Remember, double red means stay out of the water – you could be arrested for ignoring this warning! So stay aware, and have fun on our gorgeous Florida beaches!
beach warning flags
*Absence of Beach Flags Does Not Assure Safe Waters.
On Double Red Flag days during the summer airplane banners may be flown alerting those on our beaches to the conditions. Be aware that conditions in the Gulf of Mexico are constantly changing. Watch the flag colors at all times, and use good judgment to determine whether it’s safe to enter the water. The beach flags are there for your protection, so keep an eye on them! If  you’d like text alerts when the flags change you can sign up here. Enjoy the beautiful Florida beaches and stay safe!