We are so excited about all the new and exciting things that will be taking place in Panama City Beach in 2012! Make sure you look here for daily updates on all the happenings here this year! Here is a preview of one of the exciting things that will hit the beach in 2012! “It’s hot and you’re sandy. You’ve walked back from the beach in the warm summer sun and you’re ready to get back into the air conditioning and relax before dinner. But, you have just realized you forgot your room key. You’re locked out. You call the front desk of the resort for assistance only to be told they cannot help you. Without their help, what are your options? After trying to pry the door open you notice a tree which reaches your balcony. You decide to climb the tree to get back into your condo. Trying not to draw attention to yourself as you climb, you think, minus your dignity what else have you sacrificed by renting your vacation condo from an individual and not the resort where you are staying? Though it may sound farfetched, it’s not. During the summer of 2010 at a resort on Panama City Beach, Florida a vacationer did exactly that because she did not rent her condo through the resort. ” To read the rest Click Here!