We all want to be up-to-date on the latest styles and trends. What exactly constitutes the “beach style”? Here are a few essentials that will have you looking beach ready in no time!

For the Ladies:

An oversized beach hat: Can be neutral or bright fun colors!

Oversized sunglasses: a must-have

A cute cover-up: something cute, but not too hot because it gets heated outside!

A statement bathing suit: something that speaks your personality and style, make it original so you aren’t matching everyone on the beach!

For the ‘Gents:

Cool sunglasses: whatever style you prefer: RayBans, aviators, Costas, Oakleys, you name it!

A ball cap: that favorite team you always represent, or that brand you’ve always liked, just don’t wear a hat from another beach!

Classic board shorts: need I say more?

Make you leave us comments and send us pictures of your beach style! Enjoy our beaches and stay at one of our resorts!