The 2012 Olympic Games in London are in full swing, and the whole world has been tuning in to watch swimming, gymnastics, basketball, and so much more! Why not get into the Olympic spirit with some games of your own? Here are some ideas:

Ultimate Disc: A favorite among college students and beach-goers alike. The sand makes it even easier to dive for the Frisbee!

Beach Ball Balance: Split into teams of two and race to see who can cross the finish line first while carrying a beach ball between you– NO HANDS ALLOWED! Get creative with how you carry it, and if it drops, try to pick it up without using your hands too!

Swimming: Whether you’re racing for speed or endurance, we’ve got pools and the whole Gulf to satisfy your Michael Phelps wanna-be needs. Just be safe, and be mindful of your fellow vacationers.

Beach Volleyball: Sure, it’s the obvious idea, but you know you’ve gotten into the women’s Olympic tournament and you’re dying to see if you can dig it like Kerri Walsh and Misty May. Form a team, find some friends on the beach and see what you’re made of!

Sand Archery: Don’t worry, there are no arrows involved! Draw a target in the sand and toss splash balls, shells, or any other small objects to see who can get closest to the target. Find your inner Robin Hood and have at it!

Balloon Shot-Put: This will inevitably turn into an all-out water balloon war, but the first few rounds should be fun anyway. Use water balloons or splash balls soaked with water, and see how far you can chuck them! The water will mark your place in the sand so it’s easy to tell who’s the champion. (If you do use water balloons, please remember to clean up afterwards! Plastic is very harmful to sea creatures and birds, and makes our beaches look yucky.)

Tug of War: Set up camp at the water’s edge and see whose team has the most pull! You can buy a rope at any hardware store or Walmart. If you’re really into it, play a little farther up from the waves and dig a “pit of shame” for the losers to fall into!

Relay Race: The grand finale! This can be a combination of any activities you want: a footrace, a fill-a-bucket-with-water race using only your hands, a three-legged race in the water, a beach chair and umbrella obstacle course… The possibilities are endless, but only one team can be the ultimate Beach Olympics Champions of 2012!

Don’t forget to have a medals ceremony at the end of the games, or come up with your own MVP awards!

So light the tiki torch and get going! We recommend keeping your games limited to a couple hours or spreading them out with breaks throughout the day (or a few days), that way tempers and temperatures don’t spike in the hot sun. Remember to wear sunscreen, be safe and have fun!

Some content courtesy of The Times of India Health & Fitness.