Fun Facts About Panama City Beach · The city boasts 27 miles of coastline and has a year-round population of approximately 7,500. · Over 6 million visitors enjoy Panama City Beach travel each and every year. · The legendary pure white sand of Panama City Beach is attributed to quartz crystals washing down from the Appalachian Mountains centuries ago. Along their journey, the crystals were bleached, ground, smoothed, and polished. The surf and tides of the Gulf deposits these millions of grains onto the pristine shoreline. · We have an average of 320 days of sunshine per year. · Panama City Beach weather is subtropical, with a year-round temperature averaging 74 degrees, which means heavenly conditions for visitors. · Panama City Beach is bordered on either side by State Parks: St. Andrews and Camp Helen. · The city is known as the Wreck Capital of the South, due to the large number of historic wrecks for divers to explore. · Panama City Beach is home to one of the country’s largest sport fishing fleets, and fishermen can troll for multiple varieties of fish in our waters, including Blue Marlin, Red Snapper, Mackerel, Trout, Pompano and Cobia. · The area boasts one of the highest concentrations of bottlenose dolphins in the world. · A community-coordinated project with Panama City Marine Institute led to the development of 50 artificial reefs off Panama City Beach. The natural reefs range in depth from 80 to 100 feet and are just a few miles offshore and are teeming with sea life, including small corals and colorful sponges. · The Intercoastal Waterway runs through St. Andrews Bay. · The Florida Ironman Triathlon has been held here since 1999. · Panama City Beach is home to the only deepwater diving museum in the U.S., the Museum of Man in the Sea. So what are you waiting for? Come see us! Information from Panama City Beach CVB