Raise your right hand if you’re the packing CEO in your household. Whether you agreed to that lovely title or not, chances are your family are counting on you as the lead, and packing for a whole family vacation can be stressful, even if you’re “just going to the beach.”
Going to the beach with the family is simple right? All you need is your swimwear, a towel, sunblock and you’re set! Not exactly. It’s best to be prepared for anything and if you have small children, you know that better than anyone else. Nothing’s worse than having fun with your family at the beach when all of the sudden little Lucy Jane scrapes her knee on the sand and you realize you forgot antibacterial wipes and bandages, causing you and the whole family to pack up all the beach gear and get into the car and drive to the local CVS or Walgreens… or maybe it’s even more simple; you forgot to pack extra swim diapers. Don’t take that chance of forgetting anything dampen your vacation. Here are our must haves for a picture perfect beach vacation:
Beach Pack
1. Sun protection: This is one of the most important and probably most obvious. We recommend SPF of at least 35, however the higher the better. Just don’t forget to reapply as directed.
2. Beach Tent/Beach Blanket and Umbrella: It can be a lot to carry, but it can really make a difference. We wouldn’t recommend using your towel as a beach blanket as it attracts sand and you don’t want to be drying off with sand rubbing all over yourself. Try getting a beach tent, the perfect replacement of the traditional beach blanket and umbrella. They’re generally made out of nylon, which makes cleaning a breeze and they fold up into a bag, which makes it easier to carry.
3. Sunglasses: The sun’s rays reflecting off our sugar white sands is enough to burn your eyes, or at least it feels that way. Stay comfortable with sunglasses.
4. Glasses and/or contact lenses (bring extra pair): Sometimes the waves can get rocky and knock your contacts out of your eye(s). Be prepared.
5. Sun Hat: Have we mentioned the sun shines very bright out here? Protect yourself. You’d be surprise with how many people’s scalp gets burnt.
6. Beach Toys: If you’re planning on spending vacation at the beach and you have kids, chances are, you’re going to do other beach activities. Sometimes the waves get too high to swim. Be prepared and bring beach toys.
7. A Change of Clothes: It’s the beach and things happen. Back up plans are always a good idea.
8. Cooler with food and refreshments: Have you ever tried to leave the beach parking and go back during peak time? It’s enough to learn to never do it again. All that swimming will boost your metabolism and you’ll wish you brought snacks and drinks.
9. Beauty Items: This Includes Aloe Vera Gel, Deodorant, Contact Solution, lip balm with sf 15 and a good hair conditioner. You can never hydrate enough!
10. First Aid Kit: This should include bandages, antibacterial wipes, antacid, antihistamine for allergies and vinegar for the rare occasion if you ever get stung by a jelly fish… You most likely won’t have to use your first aid kit, but you can never be too prepared.
Once you have everything on this list, packing will be a breeze and your family beach getaway will be so relaxing, you’ll be happy you came prepared.