With New Year’s Eve over and Valentine’s Day around the corner, wedding season just started! Naturally, here in Panama City Beach, a beach/outdoor wedding is most desirable.   RC-Blog-Feb3-OutdoorWedding-02   There’s something so romantic about being outdoors, hand in hand, with the sun shining and a sweet breeze blowing softly through your hair as you exchange vows. Sounds dreamy, right? It can be if you consider all the factors that go into a beach/outdoor wedding. Luckily in love, we’re here to help you figure out everything you need to keep in mind for your breathtakingly stunning outdoor affair.   RC-Blog-Feb3-OutdoorWedding-03   Tenting Out Ideally, the beach would always be sunny, bright, and picture perfect, but realistically, that isn’t always the case. You can’t control Mother Nature, but you can prepare for her! If you decide on going with a tent for your wedding, be prepared to answer questions: What design aesthetics in structure do you like? Does your venue allow enough space to set up the size or number of tents needed? Do you need a permit to set up the tents? Would you like decorations on the tent and if so, how are you going to tack them on? It also helps in providing images of the design and look you’re going for. Our professional wedding planners at Resort Collection can help with all of it!   Whether the Weather Whether you’re planning a winter or summer wedding, think about the comfort of yourself and your guests. Even though our winters are mild here in Panama City Beach, we still experience some chilly days. We suggest being prepared with a heating source, maybe providing throw blankets as a party favor, and having warm drinks such as coffee and hot cocoa available for the wintertime. Consider electrical fans, ice-cold beverages, and maybe some cold washcloths for guests in the summertime. This way everyone will be able to concentrate on the romance rather than how hot or cold they’re feeling.   Power Up An outdoor setting like the beach gives you naturally romantic visuals without any decorations, but it does have a disadvantage when it comes to needing an electrical source. Keep the energy of your wedding alive by making sure that you have enough generators to satisfy your needs, especially if you’re planning on having music. Speakers, A/V and lighting equipment will require a few accessible plugs, but just to be safe, invest on some heavy extension cords to make sure your wedding runs smoothly without a hitch.   RC-Blog-Feb3-OutdoorWedding-04   Light Of The Wedding: Most weddings celebrate into the night. It’s always a good idea to make sure you’re aware of your lighting situation. Does your venue provide enough lighting fixtures? What light source are you thinking of using? Think about using lanterns or cute light table settings that will double as an extra light source. Just be careful if you’re thinking about using candles as most site guidelines have limitations with open flames. Our pool decks, or the outdoor space at Hombre Golf Club, are a great place to host your reception!   Dance Floor It’s already a little hard to walk on sand; imagine having a dance party on it. Sore legs, anyone? We would like to have you consider looking into some temporary flooring options. This will let you, your Mr. or Mrs., and your guests comfortably enjoy the night on the dance floor!   Changing Rooms and Bathrooms If you’re planning to do a dress change from your ceremonial dress to your reception dress, scope out the changing/bathroom situation. There’s nothing less glamorous and romantic than changing in a public bathroom that’s been used and shared all day. Believe it or not, there are sleeker options for a portable restroom and it should definitely be considered in your outdoor wedding planning. Hosting your wedding at one of our resorts also means you can retreat to the privacy of your Gulf-front condo to change, refresh, and get ready for the reception!   Noise Permits Unless you’re planning on having a very quiet wedding or not planning on having any music at all, look into your city’s noise ordinances, so you can get your noise permit well in advanced if needed.   RC-Blog-Feb3-OutdoorWedding-05   Keep Dessert Desirable When choosing a frosting, keep in mind that smooth fondant maybe a more favorable choice for surviving the heat of summer at the beach. Even so, have your caterer keep your cake and dessert refrigerated until you’re ready to serve it. Our amazing staff at Resort Collection is equipped and ready to create delicious cakes and keep them safe for you until it’s time to cut!   Plan B If you’re just relying on your “just a feeling” intuition that the weather for your outdoor nuptials will be perfect and sunny, DON’T! While tents can provide a comfortable place to party during a soft rain shower, it just won’t do with a heavy rain or storm. Did you know our resorts at Resort Collection also provide indoor venues you can reserve? All outdoor weddings will also have a backup location saved in case of bad weather, so we have you covered!   If you have your heart set out in having a beach/outdoor wedding, this guide will help you keep your wedding sweet, fresh, and memorable from beginning to end. Contact us at Weddings@ResortCollection.com to request a wedding planning guide or schedule an appointment with our wedding planners, and don’t miss the second annual Marry Me at the Beach Bridal Expo coming up at the Edgewater Beach & Golf Resort Conference Center on February 21.   Learn more by e-mailing weddings@resortcollection.com and follow Marry Me At The Beach on Facebook!