Set for February 6, 2019

The Second Annual #BookDirect Guest Education Day, recurring on the first Wednesday in February, is set for February 6, 2019. With a multitude of new travelers searching for vacation rentals, vacation rental managers and homeowners will join forces for one day with a singular message to let travelers know that there are many advantages to bypassing third-party channels to book directly with management companies and homeowners. On February 6th’s Second Annual Guest Education Day, managers and owners are encouraged to:
  • Use the hashtag #bookdirect on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to bring attention to the many advantages of booking vacation rentals directly with the manager or homeowner instead of on third party channels.
  • Send out an email campaign to their past and prospective guests with a message about the value of booking direct, booking local, and booking smart.
  • Work with local and feeder-market media sources to educate consumers about the best ways to book a vacation rental.
  • Encourage local destination marketing organizations (i.e. CVBs, chambers, state tourism organizations) to join in promoting their direct connections to lodging providers.
Last year, the inaugural #BookDirect Guest Education Day reached an estimated 3 million travelers with direct email campaigns and had a social reach of over 24 million consumers. Some of the last year’s messaging included:
  • When travelers book on large vacation rental websites like Airbnb,, and TripAdvisor, they are paying substantial fees to use these sites.
  • Many of the best vacation homes are not listed on these websites.
  • Managers and homeowners know the properties and the area better than anyone and can better match travelers to homes and help plan a better vacation experience.
  • Travelers can find out about special offers that can’t be found on the big websites.
  • Managers and owners can better help guests optimize dates and budgets to fit their needs.
  • Travelers with special needs and requests can work directly with owners and managers in a much more personal way to create a guaranteed amazing vacation for their family or group.
There is power in numbers, so join us as we provide valuable education to guests and promote the industry to a broad range of vacation rental travelers.
Written by Amy Hinote with VRM Intel.