According to HomeToGo, Panama City Beach has been included in its list of Best Destinations for Millennials to visit in 2019.

The company said it polled travelers born between 1981 and 1996 to discover key factors that influence their travel plans. HomeToGo said it then evaluated 500 locations across the U.S. to create its list of the 50 most millennial-friendly destinations in America. It said Florida, Michigan, and Texas each had three cities inside the top 20, with Miami placing first. Panama City Beach ranked 48th overall and beat out larger cities, such as Washington D.C., San Jose, and Boston. The organization said its results showed that millennial travelers often preferred mid-sized cities over larger ones, like Las Vegas or Orlando. HomeToGo said some of the things that influence millennials in their decision-making process as they look to book a trip include: – affordable airfares – availability of experiences – Instagram-ability – affordable food and drink – dynamic nightlife – affordable accommodations. What do millennials look for when choosing a travel destination? Traveling more than any other generation, this group of ambitious adventurers are more committed to enjoying new experiences than to paying costly mortgages. Millennials prefer to get the perfect social media snaps on vacation than be seen back home. What’s more, they seek out the best deals, to get the most out of their vacation. Millennials are the second-largest living generation by population size (71 million as of 2016), and will rank first by 2019. * Millennials travel domestically more frequently than internationally (81% versus 19%). Almost all millennials spend serious time and effort trying to find the best-value deals (93%). Millennials take more vacation days than any other generation (35 per year).** If you want to see what other cities made this list, click here.
Originally posted by WJHG News Channel 7 and HomeToGo.