When starting out in any business, investing is normally the first thing you’ll have to do. When it comes to vacation rentals, you’ll need to refurbish and redecorate your property for guests to stay in it. Whether you’re buying a new home or are letting out your current property, it’s always a good idea to find ways to not overspend. So how can you make the most out of vacation rental furniture without it costing you a fortune? Follow these 9 unique ideas below:


The most important thing to strategize. Prioritize all the essential furniture first, and then consider the accessories after. Be realistic, do you really need that chandelier when you actually need to buy a new mattress? Make sure you include a budget plan prior to buying. Take time when researching, have a look in different stores and on websites. There may be some deals in place too. Once you have listed the must-haves, then you can start thinking of accessories to go with the rest of your furniture.


You don’t have to go out and buy everything. Save as much furniture as you can by being creative. For example, instead of buying a new sofa and throwing your old one out, have a makeover by throwing some nice covers on it or cleaning it. Or if you don’t really want to keep it, sell it to a second-hand store. There are also many environmental-friendly ways you can spruce up your property. These include handcrafted wood furniture. Find a wooden pallet, (get it for free by asking a local store) and turn it into a table. Get a fruit box and paint it to use it as a bookcase. Likewise, if you have a garden or balcony, how about using some tins as plant pots? This way, you’ll be saving both money and the environment.


Before throwing out old furniture, take a moment to think. What could you do with it? Or any of their parts? You can take an old wooden shutter, paint it and hang it on the wall to use for mail, postcards or magazines. Is your laundry room quite dull? Decorate your washing machine with some colored tape. There are thousands of ways in which you can redecorate. One of these creative designs is to make a clothing rack from a branch to use as a coat hanger. Guests will be able to hang their clothes stylishly and uniquely. Or you can also get a metal coat rack if you are lacking space for a wardrobe.


Ikea is the first choice when you have a small budget and need basic things. Learn how to give basic things your own original touch. Many hacks can be applied to Ikea furniture to make it unique. For example, take a farmhouse table and stain it with polyurethane varnish. Or paint a plain dressing table with homemade chalk paint.


Buy household appliances with a guarantee. Although it means that the initial cost will be higher, it will be cheaper in the long-term. Avoid laying down carpets as they can get dirty easily or hardwood flooring as they can be worn down, which can result in something difficult to hide for future guests and expensive to replace. If your typical guests are retired couples, make sure the furniture is comfortable and easy to access. If you think families will stay in your vacation rental, don’t forget to add a pull-out sofa bed which is easy to set-up. This way, you won’t have to adjust in the near future.


Which things are the most delicate or the most likely to break? Which parts of the house are the most difficult to clean? Ask yourself these questions and think of ways you can avoid replacements.


Drilling holes in the walls may seem like a good idea at the time, but later when you want to rearrange some stuff, you’ll end up with holes scattered around the walls and you’ll need to pay extra to have them replaced. You don’t necessarily have to drill holes to hang something up. You can put up pictures or mirrors using hanging strips or adhesive hooks. If something is too small to hang up, consider putting it on a table or a piece of furniture instead.


What are your thoughts on wallpaper? Add some touch to a blank wall or cover some stains. There are so many reusable wallpapers available, and they’re also very easy to put on! If you don’t want to put wallpaper on the entire wall, there are other things you can try. You can place wall decals or stickers, they come in all sorts of colors and sizes. You can put them wherever you want and can even utilize them to cover a patch of non-removable dirt.  You can also place wallpaper on just one side and not the whole room.


Give your guests a warming experience by setting up a cozy corner where they can relax, read or look out the window.  Add a touch of creativity to small places.  Do you have space under the stairs? Convert into a reading cave, same goes for your attic. Add built-in bookcases around your window including a window-seat.   By following these 9 tips, you’ll be able to redecorate your vacation rental whilst saving simultaneously.
By Monica Uprety; Lodgify.com