The second your toes hit the sand, you’re in an instant state of relaxation. What if you could have that experience in your very own home? It’s simple to get that state-of-mind. Here’s our list of beach themed gifts that will help you bring the beach to your doorstep. Each piece is perfect for you or your favorite beach buddy. Summer Sandals Pretend you’re at the beach year-round with sandals that are perfect for a walk around the block or a night out. Customize them in your favorite coastal colors.  Our Sandal Pick Summer Scented Candles What better gift than the smell of the beach right in your home? Scents centered around the ocean, summer breeze, and warmth will give you a piece of the relaxing ocean air you might miss at home.  Our Candle Pick Beach Prints & Art Capture your favorite memories from your beach vacation with a printed book, individual prints, or a full calendar. Nothing beats bringing your very own memories to life, again. Our Photo Book Pick Straw Hat or Bag Just because you’re not at the beach, doesn’t mean you can’t look like it! Look for options that you can use each and every day. Our Straw Hat Pick & Our Basket Pick Beach Blanket A great beach blanket works in the sand or as a display item in your home! Go all out for gifting and embroider your beach blanket with the name or date of your vacation. Then, when you bring it home, your memories can keep you warm too. Our Beach Blanket Pick Coffee Table Book Bring everything you love about the beach home with you in a book that’s perfect for display. Keep an eye out for covers that pop. Our Beach Book Pick When it comes to unique beach themed gifts, the world is your oyster, but we always recommend shopping small. Keep an eye out for local shops that feature gifts you won’t find anywhere else, and when you’re searching for beach-themed gifts for home decor, look for items that will fit in year-round.  Ready to plan your beach vacation? Talk to one of our local agents today about where you’ll have the best stay and find the best gifts!