Love is on the beach everywhere you turn, especially in the summertime. In light of wedding season, we’d like to leave some reminders of important dos and don’ts for weddings.   KEEP COOL DON’T: Get overheated. Let’s start by keeping our cool. The sun’s beating rays are no joke in Florida, especially during summer. Don’t forget to think about your guests, who will most likely be arriving early to make it on time to your ceremony.   DO: Keep the comfort of your guests in mind. If you’re getting married at the prime of the day with the sun beaming down and reflecting off the sand, be sure to have options to keep your guests comfortable and cool. Keep a bucket of ice-cold water bottles for your guests to grab and have with them at their seats. For the reception, think about renting tents for shade or even implementing some kind of outdoor cooling system.   Sunset beach wedding kiss in Panama City Beach   LATE FOR A VERY IMPORTANT DATE! DON’T: A beach wedding that starts at sunset may sound like the ultimate romantic wedding; however, it may not be ideal for your photographer, as it can get dark fairly quickly once the sun goes down, leaving you no time for those dreamy post-ceremony beach pictures.   DO: Before you have your mind completely set on a specific time to start the ceremony, be sure to work with your photographer to get his/her professional input on what time frame would be ideal to officially become hitched. If you really want to seal your ceremony with a kiss at sunset, consider taking your pictures before the ceremony.   Beach Flowers with hearts in the sand   SETTING A DATE WITH FLORIDA DON’T: Just because Panama City Beach has one of the most beautiful and romantic settings on Earth, doesn’t necessarily mean mother nature will always comply. Although you’re likely to be safe in hitting a homerun for your wedding, don’t set up a wedding date without a plan B.   DO: When picking a date, keep climate and seasons in mind. Although Panama City Beach is located in the northern part of Florida, it does occasionally rain here and the likelihood is higher during summer. That’s not to say that it definitely will rain, but we always have an indoor back-up location!   SPEAK UP OR FOREVER HOLD YOUR PEACE DON’T: There’s nothing more romantic than the gorgeous view of the Gulf of Mexico from Panama City Beach. The pure white, sparkling sand, ocean breeze and playful water blending from emerald to blue sapphire… However, the “soothing” sounds of the waves can be distracting when it comes to the ceremony. While nature may offer a show-stopping view, it doesn’t come with a natural sound boosting system.   DO: Invest in speakers or some sort of sound system so your guests can enjoy and “ooh and ahh” along with you and the love of your life during your ceremony.  
Beach flowers and decor for Beach Wedding

Beach Decor, Courtesy of Martha Stewart

  FALLING FLAT DON’T: Don’t use decor items that won’t do well with Florida humidity and heat, especially if you’re getting married during summer season. Thinking about paper tassels, paper lanterns, or paper pom poms? Although they’re cute and cost efficient, they won’t hold their look if it sprinkles just a little, so weigh your options. Try different materials such as plastic, tinsel or silk.   DO: Research different flowers that hold their shape in the Florida heat. If you’re planning to have a floral arch, Resort Collection’s wedding specialists can help find a great florist who has experience and knowledge to keep those flowers cool and fresh-looking when it’s hot, because the sight of wilting flowers is an eyesore during any occasion, especially a wedding.   PARKING DON’T: Parking at the beach can get competitive; the last thing you’d want is for Grandma Mary, Aunt Peggy, Uncle Roger, and so on to circle the parking structure for a space.   DO: Luckily at Resort Collection properties, we’re equipped with adequate parking for all of our guests, and can even provide an easy transport to the beach and resorts if needed. For rides from the airport or around town, contact our friends at Sunshine Shuttle:  
Shoe Valet for Beach Wedding Courtesy of Floridian Social

Photo Courtesy of Floridian Social

  SHOE VALET DON’T: With the stress of party planning, working, and everyday life, it’s easy to forget the small details, like where you and your guests will leave their shoes if your wedding is on the beach. Nobody wants stilettos full of sand!   DO: You want your guests to feel like their items are secure. Try having a “shoe valet” station close by to the beach ceremony location. This way your guests will feel better about leaving their belongings behind and your wedding photos won’t be cluttered.   Lastly, we’d like to remind you: DON’T fuss over all the little things, and DO enjoy yourself! It’s your big day and we’re here to help through it! Just e-mail us at and check out our Weddings Brochure. We’ll send you on your way to Happily Ever After!