“Arrr” you ready for a day of fun, buried treasures, and pirates? If you’re answer is yes, or rather “Aye,” then gather your family to experience some traditional pirate madness this Friday, October 7 through Sunday, October 9 at Panama City Beach’s fun-filled FREE festival, Pirates of the High Seas.  
Pirate of the High Seas Festival 2015 Panama City Beach

Photo Courtesy of Pirates of the High Seas

  Each year the festival celebrates the pirates that used to roam the Northwest Florida area. Legend has it, when pirates ruled the high seas, many were known to travel to and from Panama City Beach. Move over Captain Jack Sparrow, beloved fictional pirate of Pirates of the Caribbean, because one pirate in particular has made his mark around Panama City Beach. Respected in Panama City Beach for sharing their goods (or “booty,” as pirates might say), Dominique Youx and his crew are one of the infamous pirate squads celebrated at Pirates of the High Seas Festival. The noble crew was said to organize the townspeople and hatch a plan against an invasion by some unfriendly pirates who intended to strip the town of all the riches. As the story goes, Domonique Youx gathered all the townspeople to meet at town center (now known as Pier Park), where the most valuable treasures were carried off to be hidden from the mischievous pirates that planned to invade. To make a long story short, a great battle occurred but ended soon as the scallywag pirates were driven off. The townspeople and the crew of Dominique Youx then celebrated parading around the streets and blasting off fireworks into the night. This is just one of the fascinating pirate tales native to Panama City Beach, as more pirate bandits would return. Over time and with the perseverance of the townspeople, the ruthless pirates sailed off, never to return. Although the battle may have ended there, it was never forgotten. Each year, the battle is recreated at Pirates of the High Seas to honor those brave pirates and townspeople who dared to protect the land of Panama City Beach. So join us for yet another adventurous year! You can participate in a scavenger hunt, watch the pirate invasions unfold, and then celebrate with a victorious parade, dance to live music, watch fireworks, and so much more! See the full schedule for Pirates of the High Seas 2016 at VisitPanamaCityBeach.com. Don’t forget to bring your eye patch and captain’s hat, and claim your stake as captain of the ship! In the meantime, take a look at what’s to come with a look back at the festival in 2013: